Living with My Spirit Guides

The red lights warning

I was talking the other day to a friend about a time when I was driving around Portland and I kept hitting every red light!  I mean every red light!  I also was stopped at every crosswalk with a push button light, every bike path crossing, and fire trucks pulling out of their garage and going to a fire.  It happened the whole afternoon.  I got to my destination and then turned around to go home.  I had the same results!

It then dawned on me that my spirit guides were warning me about a danger ahead.  I felt them push down on my shoulders which is their way to tell me, “Watch out!”  I was stopped again at a stop light and then I noticed that the lights did not change.  All the lights were red.  The intersection had two lanes of traffic going all four directions along with left and right turns on all four sides.  Time stopped.  I was being told something, but what?!  As we all sat waiting, I realized that it is not the red light that is the problem.  It is when the light turns green!  The light turned green and I slowly went across the intersection looking for someone who might run the red light.  No one did.

I drove on down to the next busy light and I was stopped.  Again, there were cars in all lanes.  But this time I noticed that the outside lane on my right going from my right to my left was empty.  How odd!  That lane is usually full during rush hour which is the time of day now. The light turned green and I headed across the intersection slowly.  I had gotten about half way across and a vehicle entered the intersection doing about 45 miles per hour.  The driver was not paying attention and was looking straight ahead.  He missed me by about two or three feet.  I stopped and then continued on through the intersection.  I stopped shortly after getting through safely.  I then had a vision of what might have been.  The driver would have hit my car and caused it to turn on its driver side and been pushed into the cars on my left.  I would have died and the driver of the first car I hit would have been injured.  The driver of the speeding car would have been forced into the gas station on his right.  Nothing good would have come from it.

I have always thought that my spirit guides were only looking out for me in this kind of situation.  But now I wonder.  Is it possible that the driver had spirit guides who were trying to get his attention and failed?  Was he having some problems that distracted him?  Did his guides contact my guides who then were able to communicate with me and thereby cause the accident to not occur?  I wonder.  We all have spirit guides who try to help us.  We just need to listen.

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